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Introducing Weider Proshake

A convenient and quick way to make nutritious Weider shakes with the click of a button.

What People are Saying

See how Crossfit PHX owner uses his proshake and how it saved him time.
What People are Saying

All you need to know

Weider Pro Shake is a great way to increase revenue or offer your employees a healthy alternative to other drinks and a low price. With an LCD screen for personalized videos and wide Selection of Weider products, you can fit everyone’s needs.

Fits Perfectly In:

• Independent Gyms
• Chain Gyms
• Corporate Office Buildings
• Crossfit Gyms
• Convenience Stores
• Cafeterias
• Restaurants
All you need to know
Why Proshake?

Why Proshake?

Get the perfect nutritional shake at your fingertips with our variety of key features and benefits. Its desirable size allows it to fit almost anywhere [depth including door – 17.6 inches height - 34.4 inches, width – 17.3 inches] making it the perfect fit for any location. But what more can proshake provide?

• Holds up to 5 different Weider Powdered Products of your choice (Protein, Pre Work Out, Post Work Out, Diet, Energy, Immune and many more!)
• Self cleaning system (adjustable 1-4 hours)
• Closed mixer system, for less dust and zero cross contamination
• 8” LCD Display; Customizable screen for different options, corporate video, logo, promotions etc.
• Low maintenance cost
• Quick and Simple operation
• 15-30 seconds/drink

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Get Proshake right to your front door!

Have an event? Not a problem. Our Weider Proshake jeep can come right to you! Each jeep will come and present the machine as well as give out free shakes.
Get Proshake right to your front door!

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For more information and pricing contact our Pro Shake Sales Manager Anthony Kane at AnthonyK@weider.com or 425-647-4492